6 Cheap Basics Everyone Should Add to Their Closet


Given my job as a fashion editor, I also assume the role as a personal fashion editor amongst my inner circle (which I love, TBH). This means that whenever someone needs sartorial assistance, I’m the first call. Recently, I got a question on the few key pieces worth adding to a wardrobe because my friend, as she says, “hates her current closet.”

First, I suggested the idea of re-thinking how she wears some of her favorite items. I think it’s always smart to “shop your closet” if you’re feeling a bit tired of your offering. You may just uncover things you haven’t worn a ton recently that could be teamed with your go-tos to create fresh fits. But if there is a need to mix in new items, I mentioned starting with a few forward basics.

Given that basics are the building blocks of a wardrobe, it’s often a decent idea to begin by incorporating some of those current…

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