6 Classic Wardrobe Essentials That Will Always Look Chic


We routinely seek sartorial guidance from those over 40 given their experience constructing well-balanced wardrobes. Since we wanted to zero in on the specific pieces women have relied on throughout the years to build those more timeless offerings, we tapped inspiring lifestyle influencer Tennille Murphy of The Tennille Life to share her thoughts on the classic items she swears by.

In fact, the bulk of her wardrobe is made up of those more classic items that, most importantly, fit within her personal style. She writes on her site, “I have never worried about what other women are wearing or keeping up with trends; I try to stay true to how I’m built and remain confident in knowing what looks best on me.” So naturally, we were quite inspired to get her take on the timeless items she uses as the foundation for her chic signature ensembles.

“In my closet I like each…

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