6 NYC Fashion Trends That Will Emerge Next, From Designers


Not to humble brag, but we pride ourselves at spotting trends early on in their life cycle and, well, our track record of calling trends months before they get big speaks for itself. So while we’re definitely letting you know how and where to shop for the trends that are currently happening, today we’re looking ahead at what’s to come—not from the runways but from the designers themselves.

Since New York and its stylish dwellers are typically the first to adopt the latest emerging trends and set the examples that many of us are sure to follow, we narrowed in on five brands that epitomize the city’s cool factor. Let’s face it—we love reporting on NYC fashion just as much as you love reading about it. That’s why we went ahead and went straight to the source: the designers behind some of the city’s coolest and most cult-worthy brands to find out about the styles and…

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