6 Work Clothes to Invest In During Your 20s


Let me start by conceding that the state of the world looked nothing like it does today when I stepped out of college and into my first full-time job a mere three years ago. I know I certainly could have used a road map for navigating the major life transition at that time, so I can only imagine how game-changing a few words of advice are for those attempting to enter the “workforce” at this particular moment in time.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not qualified to dole out career advice, but I am in a position to recommend a few key staples that will lay the foundation for a chic and professional work wardrobe and will (hopefully) see you through to a fulfilling career. I landed my current job at Who What Wear fresh out of college and promptly focused on upgrading my wardrobe to align with my new role and daily life in an office. But being a recent post-grad…

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