7 Chic, Basic Spring Trends You Can Buy at Shopbop


As a fashion editor, I often get asked style and shopping recommendations from my friends. One of the top questions I get on the regular is which current trends will actually have some longevity (as opposed to fads). On that note, when someone in my crew recently asked this exact question, I listed off a few of the most wearable spring trends reigning supreme at this very moment. You know, items like It denim cuts and modern tailoring.

Interestingly enough, while all of the versatile trends in question are readily available at pretty much all of our go-to stores, I realized that the selection for each is quite plentiful at Shopbop specifically. Honestly, this makes perfect sense given that the mega-retailer (which just launched its eclectic trend-driven campaign, Spring Starts Now) stocks a massive array of trend-forward basics. To showcase what I mean, I’m highlighting…

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