7 Classic Shoe Styles Your Wardrobe Needs


When I started working on this story, I was surprised to find that I didn’t really have that many shoes older than three years that I still wear. I suppose I follow the trends and tend to grow tired of my shoes pretty quickly, which comes with the territory of being a fashion editor. Alas, I did discover seven pairs that are so classic I’m still wearing them years later.

So what are my criteria for shoes with longevity? It’s pretty simple, but it depends on the shoes. For sneakers, I prefer clean, no-frills sneakers in black and white. For flats, it’s loafers. For boots, it’s Chelsea. And for heels, it’s mules. None of these styles are going to become passé, they’re all a little boring, and they’re all casual yet polished. Keep scrolling to shop the exact shoes I’m referring to, and see how I style them via my Instagram.

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