7 Fashionable Items Women Over 40 Wear With Jeans


We often turn to women over 40 for top-notch sartorial advice given their experience fine-tuning their wardrobes over the years. In fact, for a bit of denim inspo, we recently covered the exact jeans celebrities over 40 swear by in their day-to-day routine. On that note, we wanted to take it one step further and focus on the general items this set of women have paired with their favorite jeans to create chic and effortless looks.

To do this, we sourced past imagery of some of the coolest style setters out there—including Reese Witherspoon, Kerry Washington, and Cindy Crawford—to show us what fashionable items look A+ with denim. What you’ll find is that many of the pieces in question really do all skew on that “basics” side in that they’re highly versatile and simple to pull off.

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