7 Highly-Rated Beauty Products With a No-Return Record


Not only did I simply enjoy strolling through the aisles filled with tempting vials, jars, and bottles, I also loved swatching and testing my forearm away to see how shades would (or wouldn’t) flatter my skin tone or how the consistency of a serum or oil would lay with my skin. Hygenic? No. Fun? Very much! That said, now that storefronts are closed, and we’re all under strict at-home orders, we’re left with one shopping medium and one shopping medium only—online beauty buying. You might already feel well-versed in shopping for beauty picks via the world wide web, but for people who aren’t used to the process or prefer to shop in a brick and mortar store like me, it can feel like a daunting and overwhelming process. There’s a greater risk of not liking a product, and it’s disappointing to have to re-pack and ship back a formula you had high hopes for. 

So, I thought I’d do…

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