7 Iconic Fashion Trends of the 2010s


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

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The biggest fashion trends are usually high risk, high reward. And specifically in the tragic case of low-rise jeans, that was a lesson I had to learn all my own. Travel with me for a moment to the year 2011 when I *might* have been leisurely crunching on a Subway chicken, bacon, ranch salad and a woman *might* have abruptly rose from her seat and exclaimed that she could not finish eating her meatball marinara sub whilst my undergarments were on full display. The fashion police would have been right to arrest me right then and there and throw away the key. It was a moment of clarity—and I can’t stress this enough—she was not wrong. 

But bizarre fashion choices are a given when you look back at yesteryear and with the possibility of low-rise jeans Continue Reading to the Source


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