7 Items a 56-Year-Old New Yorker Wears to Look Chic


The year you were born should have absolutely nothing to do with your fashion choices. But as we cover regularly, it’s those women over 50, in particular, that we tend to get some of the best sartorial advice given their experience with style trial and error over the years. One woman who just totally gets it? Influencer Elaine Davis (who happens to be 56), the blogger behind @squarepearls.

Davis resides in New York City and, as a result, keeps a wardrobe full of easy and comfortable pieces that are also sleek and elevated. In the summer, she actually specifically gravitates toward a few select staples in white hues. “I love to elevate my style with chic white pieces in the summer and beyond,” she told us. On that note, we asked Davis for more specifics on the versatile items she loves.

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