7 Lingerie Brands Making Nude Items for All Skin Tones


Depending on your skin tone, everyone’s version of nude is different. Because of this, it’s about time lingerie brands do away with giving the name “nude” to the shade of a particular undergarment that’s closest to a light skin tone. The good news is that many brands have already done so.

Inclusivity in fashion is something that’s lacking, to say the least, but with the recent anti-racism awakening that’s happening around the world, things are changing and brands that are already inclusive or are working toward it, are getting more attention than ever, and we want to bring them even more attention.

Especially during the summer when light clothing is prevalent, lingerie that’s invisible is crucial, so offering just one shade of “nude” underwear, bras, bodysuits, and shapewear simply won’t do. But the seven brands below have made a wide variety of shades available,…

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