7 Low-Maintenance Haircuts Inspired By Our Favorite Celebs


There’s never a bad time to opt for a major hair transformation, but there’s a certain kind of magic surrounding the start of a new decade that pretty much begs a nod toward reinvention—and the versatility of our strands serves as the perfect potential canvas. Whether you’re looking to add some chic curveballs to your styling game, or are thinking about something more drastic (like dyeing your virgin hair), 2020 is ready to foster some creative courage. 

That said, switching up your hair M.O. for the New Year doesn’t necessarily have to require a huge uptick in maintenance. As pretty much all of our favorite celebrities have been demonstrating recently, some of the coolest haircuts on our radar also happen to fall considerably “low” on the maintenance meter. Because we’re feeling inspired by all the cool crops, cuts, and fringe debuts, we rounded up seven low-maintenance…

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