7 NYC Fashion Trends I’m Scooping Up at Nordstrom


So you want to get the NYC-girl fashion look while shopping at Nordstrom, you say? I got you. While there’s really no way to sum up the style of a city comprised of eight million residents, there’s definitely an overall sense of cool that pervades New York fashion. They’ve figured out how to dress for every type of weather while also being the first to test-drive the latest trends—wearing everything from classic black jeans to the latest It bag—and I’ve decided to take it upon myself to do something about all my wardrobe envy.

I took to the retailer I always turn to for staple fashion buys—Nordstrom—and after highlighting the pieces I feel are essential to any NYC-girl wardrobe, I found my favorite versions of each and am currently debating which to buy. If you’re with me, keep scrolling to see (and shop) each one.

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