7 Spring Nails Trends That Are in for 2020


Nails are a uniquely exciting beauty accessory because unlike a lipstick or hair color, which people notice right away, our hands are not necessarily the first thing someone sees. For that reason, experimenting with different nail trends is less risky than other beauty trends. It’s less of a commitment to try out a new nail color versus a new hair color, which is why when you get that itch to change things up in your beauty look, nails are the safest routes to take.

Each new season brings various nail color and design trends, and this spring is no different. To find out exactly what everyone will be requesting in a few shorts weeks, we tapped Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder and CEO of Olive & June (one of L.A.’s most popular nail salons), to let us in on the biggest nail trends for spring. From gorgeous pastel ombrés to cool negative-space manis, below are the seven…

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