7 Spring Trends With the Best and Worst Cost Per Wear


With the start of a new season comes an onslaught of new trends to choose from, and if you’re anything like me, you kind of want them all. In an ideal world (one with massive walk-in closets and nonexistent budgets), I’d be able to stock my wardrobe with every one of the pieces on my spring shopping list, but seeing as that’s not feasible, I, like most people, have to be smart about how I invest in new articles of clothing.

Everyone has their own strategies for making savvy shopping choices be it waiting 48 hours before purchasing something or following the one-in-two-out rule, but something I like to consider when shopping is the cost per wear of the item in question. As a refresher, the cost per wear is calculated by taking the price of the item and dividing it by the number of times you’ll wear it to ensure each dollar you spend is going the distance.

I’ve given this a lot…

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