7 Summer Wardrobe Staples NYC Girls Never Forget to Buy


Much like London, summer in New York City is one of a kind. Alfresco dining, park picnics, and long evening strolls are all common, and the sidewalks are filled with tourists and locals alike dressed in their favourite warm-weather pieces. While it’s a fantastic place to visit on holiday, the not-so-glamorous side of Manhattan summers (again, like London), is the heat and humidity. Sure, it’s better than a snowstorm but if you’re braving an 85-degree day, your wardrobe should reflect it for doing all that sight-seeing. You probably know all the basics by now: Choose breathable fabrics like cotton and linen, avoid black unless you want to get heat stroke, and always wear sunscreen. However, if you’re curious to know which items specifically bode especially well in the city then continue ahead to see seven standout pieces NYC girls never forget to buy once summer rolls…

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