7 Things Our Editors Purged From Their Closets This Week


I feel like nearly every other day over the last couple weeks, I’ve found myself rummaging through my closet, cleaning and clearing things out for at least 30 minutes if not more. Anyone else? The habit, which I happen to find quite therapeutic, has developed for a number of reasons. Firstly, I’m spending more time at home than ever. In fact, I’m spending all of my time at home as many of you may be able to relate to.

Next, spring has just arrived! Not only does this signal the age-old tradition of spring cleaning, but as a New Yorker, specifically, this means I can start putting my winter coats, boots, and accessories back into storage. (If you’re in the same boat, then you know what an indescribable joy that is.)

Lastly, for reasons that need little explaining, it’s a better time than ever to donate clothing (or anything, really) to those who may need it more than we…

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