7 Trends a 55-Year-Old Former Buyer Gets Compliments On


Susie Wight’s résumé includes gigs as a Nordstrom buyer, a blogger, and a current role as a stylist. So it’s safe to say she knows what’s up in the style department. Oh, she also happens to be 55 years old. And no, age has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear but everything to do with having an experienced sartorial point of view, which is exactly why Wright has a breadth of fashion knowledge. On that note, we thought we’d tap her for some insight on the summer trends she not only loves herself but also gets her compliments from family, friends, and followers as well.

Below you’ll find seven pieces Wright wears on repeat, complete with styling tricks and her debrief on why each garners attention. You’ll also uncover a range of inspired shopping recommendations if something piques your interest.

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