7 Wardrobe Basics Women at Any Age Must Own


Your age has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn’t wear. You should always go for what you love, no matter the year you were born. On that note, while we all have our own personal styles, there are a few specific items it seems people of all ages universally gravitate towards to over others. In fact, I did a little research to uncover some of the said pieces.

Given that basics are more or less the building blocks of any solid wardrobe, I wanted to dive deeper into the exact basics people in my life collectively stand behind as essentials. To catch a glimpse, I tapped my 60-year-old-mother, Nancy, along with a 30-year-old friend, who, for the purpose of this story, I’m going to refer to as Anna (she likes to keep a bit discreet). I asked each to send me a list of the simple items they swear by to create a well-rounded closet. And believe it or not, there was…

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