7 Wardrobe Classics That Will Never Go Out of Style


Our wardrobes are primarily made up of three key sections: trendy items, basics, and classic go-tos. In essence, all three play an equal role in helping us develop our personal looks. And while we often focus on the trend pieces (these next-level shoes, for example) and the basics, we wanted to use the next few moments to dive deeper into the timeless items that are the true constants in our wardrobes given their always-in-style, versatile nature.

To give you a sense of the classic pieces our fashion editors rely on, we’re sharing the specific items that have true longevity. As in, those staples that, along with basics, have become the anchors to our signature silhouettes over the years.

Keep scrolling to scope the fashion-person classics, and if you’re shopping at the moment, we sourced inspired items as well.

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