8 Fashion Essentials You’ll Want to Hold on to Forever


While boring style tends to get a bad rap, when it comes to basics, I actually feel that boring is better. Not only do simple pieces tend to pair well with more things and have the ability to work harder for your wardrobe, but they’re also inherently classic and thus better long-term investments. So while you might not want to dress boring, shopping as such can actually be a good idea.

Keeping this little lesson in mind, today I decided to round up the “boring” basics you’ll want to hold on to forever. In other words, if you’re cleaning out your closet (as we’ve been doing a lot of recently), unless there’s irreparable damage to these items or they don’t fit, you probably don’t want to add them to your toss pile. To see, read about, and (of course) shop all eight of the categories that made the cut, just keep scrolling. 

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