8 Trendy Clothing Basics We’re Seeing Everywhere


Is it just me, or are wardrobe basics getting a complete overhaul? While they have always maintained an important status in our closets and contributed to many chic outfits, I don’t remember them ever being this good. In fact, I really only go out of my way to restock these basics when my closet is in desperate need of fresh versions, and only begrudgingly at that. For me, buying these run-of-the-mill clothing items, as useful as they are, is like flossing—I know it’s in my best interest, but it rarely excites me to do it.

Suddenly, though, several new trendy basics have emerged, and they’re so good that they’re actually making me eager to do some shopping. I’ve spotted items such as oversize Oxford shirts, padded shoulder tanks, and knee-grazing denim shorts begin to win over fashion girls from Copenhagen to Los Angeles, and inevitably, they’ve all but taken over…

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