8 Under-$70 Items Our Editors Are Wearing That Look Luxe


Not to sound biased or anything, but dang do my fellow editors know how to dress. Welcome to the latest episode of our editor try-on series in which we showcase our expert styling capabilities and highlight the newest pieces from our namesake clothing line. If you’re familiar with these posts, then just keep scrolling to get your download of the latest affordable shopping picks and how to style them. But if you happen to be new here, then let me fill you in. 

As a refresher, we drop new pieces for our Who What Wear line each month, and today’s roundup highlights the pretty dresses, chic jackets, and comfy loungewear from the November collection. Even though nothing rings up for more than $70 (with most pieces in the $40 range), the cool looks our editors put together are making these affordable buys look like they’re straight-up luxury items, no lie. Ahead,…

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