’80s-Inspired Sneakers Are About to Be 2020’s Biggest Trend


I’ve always been a sucker for a good ’80s moment. In middle school, I begged my best friend to dress up as cliché “1980s girls” for Halloween (read: neon clothing, teased hair, and fishnet stockings). In high school, I cried when I scored the lead role in a musical literally titled Back to the ’80s. And in college, I penned an entire thesis around the decade’s “more is more” philosophy. I’m just a girl, standing in front of Doc, asking him to lend me a time-traveling DeLorean. Suffice it to say, I enjoy tracking any re-emerging trend from the era. While there definitely hasn’t been any shortage of ’80s comebacks recently, there’s one resurgence that trumps them all this year: ’80s sneakers. 

It feels almost unfair to say that ’80s sneakers are just now experiencing a comeback. Plenty of sneaker styles that debuted throughout the decade have experienced prolonged…

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