9 Gossip Girl Outfits We Still Want to Wear in 2020


“I always loved Blair and Serena’s everyday school outfits way more than their gala gowns or super fashiony, extremely Eric Daman-y looks. I grew up desperately wishing I wore a school uniform, and even though real school uniforms looked nothing like the ones on Gossip Girl, I obsessed over their poufy, pleated skirts and crisp button-downs. I would have been laughed right out of my high school if I showed up in knee-high socks and flats, but man, Blair and Serena made it look cool.” — Lewis

“When it came to the school uniforms, the show really hit its stride in season two. Did they push the boundaries of what might pass the dress code at an elite private school in Manhattan? Sure. Did Blair know how to kill it in a cape? Absolutely. And what, you didn’t wear a bejeweled headband to school? Okay. (I found this exact headband by Jennifer Behr in the corner of her sample…

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