9 Items That Changed My Workouts


My history with exercise is a winding and emotional saga. There was my childhood as a provincial champion rhythmic gymnast (sorry, I don’t give autographs) and then nearly two decades of next to nothing. There was 18 months of passion about eight years back when I decided, hey, maybe I can be a person who likes the gym! That was followed by six months of tumult as I moved provinces and went back to school at 30 in an attempt at a career switch. (A major life change that threw my hard-earned healthy habits into the abyss.) There have been flirtations with spinning and a couple of dusty gym memberships in the intervening years but it wasn’t until about three months into lockdown that I tried home workouts and, this time, the habit stuck.

Was I transformed suddenly into a Person Who Works Out Daily and who has great core strength? Absolutely not. But does my…

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