9 Summer Trends to Try If You Love Skinny Jeans


Unlike the alternatives to skinny jeans stories we do during the cooler months of the year, this story is a little different. The reason? Wearing most types of pants or jeans in the summer doesn’t sound all that appealing. But if you live in skinny jeans when it’s not sweltering outside, we’re going to take the liberty to assume that your style leans classic and that you favor laid-back outfits. You probably want to look stylish but don’t want to have to follow the trends extensively every season. If this describes you in some way or form (or not!), we’re here to guide your summer shopping.

Of the nine summer trends outlined below, some would look good with skinny jeans (if you’re going to stick it out and wear them anyway), some can be worn in place of skinny jeans, and others would simply speak to a skinny-jean wearer’s low-key, classic aesthetic. Keep scrolling to see…

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