A Complete Expert Guide to Laser Hair Removal


Full, somewhat personal disclosure? I’ve been dreaming of laser hair removal for years. Or rather, I’ve dreamt of canceling my sugar and waxing subscriptions, bidding final goodbyes to my shower’s graveyard of razors, and chucking my large collection of oils, gels, and creams all catering to some kind of hair woe. As pretty much the one and only method of permanent hair reduction and removal, laser hair removal became my own shiny beacon of hope.

Our body hair is nothing to be ashamed of (it’s meant to protect us, after all!), but for me, my dreams of a bald, maintenance-free bikini area solely revolved around issues of physical discomfort and a personal effort to streamline my current beauty routine.

Even though I honestly don’t mind shaving my pits and legs—I actually find it kind of meditative—nothing gets my goat like shaving my bikini area. I personally prefer to be…

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