A Stylist on the 3 Best Jeans to Buy If You’re Petite


Jeans are hard to shop for in general, and if you’re petite, you know it can be twice as hard. Unfortunately, the number of brands that sell jeans literally made for petite women is quite limited, but we knew there was some way to work around that. I reached out to one of my favorite celebrity stylists (who also happens to be very petite), Alyssa Sutter, for professional guidance on how to shop for petite bootcut jeans, in particular. The denim style has recently been on the rise, and from my research, it’s one of the few denim styles that really cater to petite women. 

With no hesitation, Sutter jumped in with her expertise and showered us with her knowledge of all things related to petite bootcut jeans. From the five tips to look for while shopping on your own to her all-time favorite pairs, go on to read up on Alyssa Sutter’s guide to shopping for the perfect pair of…

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