Advice for Long Distance Relationships from Donté Colley


Instagram star Donté Colley gives advice for dealing with the strain of long distance relationships during COVID-19. Communication, trust and positivity are key

Welcome to Ask Donté, FLARE’s new monthly advice column where Toronto-based dancer, artist, positivity ambassador and all-around joy, Donté Colley answers your burning questions. Each month, Donté offers up advice, sometimes with the help of experts, about your most pressing relationship, work, friendship and general life Qs. Have one? Send it to or slide into Donté’s Instagram DMs at @donte.colley.

“What do you do if you love someone and want to be with them, but distance is in the way?” —Nina, Manila, Philippines 

Hey! We are always going to face obstacles along our journeys, especially with people we love. Relationships are challenging. This is especially…

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