All of David Rose’s Best Sweaters on Schitt’s Creek


There are many reasons to fall head-over-heels in love with David Rose on Schitt’s Creek: his sarcastic one-liners, his hysterical facial expressions, his penchant for melodrama, his immense character development, and, of course, his one-of-a-kind style. David (portrayed by Dan Levy) has undoubtedly earned the unofficial title as reigning king of cozy yet chic-as-hell sweaters, sporting a dizzying array of them throughout all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek and providing us with endless outfit inspo along the way.

Following in his mother Moira’s fashionable footsteps, David typically sticks to a pretty muted color palate, opting for lots of black, white, and gray, though he occasionally infuses pops of color into his outfits. He’s not afraid to be bold — as evidenced by his various graphic sweatshirts featuring phrases like “Love Me Tender” and “Wild Aloof Rebel” — and he’s a big…

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