Allbirds Clothing Is Launching: See the New Capsule Collection


Allbirds, famous for their ethically-made wool footwear, is expanding into apparel

These days, when it kinda feels like the world is falling apart, adopting more sustainable consumption habits might be on your mind more than ever. A great place to start is in your closet, since the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of our global carbon emissions, which is more than every international flight and marine shipping journey combined. In light of that, looking for brands that put the planet first can really make a difference.

One of the most well-revered companies in that space is Allbirds, a San Francisco-based biz that makes the wool sneakers you’ve likely seen on the feet of a whack load of celebs, from Matthew McConaughey to Sophie Turner. After four years producing their beloved shoes—which were deemed the “world’s most comfortable” by…

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