An Honest Review of Sakara Life’s Super Powder


First, I have to begin by making the obvious disclaimer that just because I had success with this product or noticed certain benefits doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the same experience. We all have different dietary needs and bodies, which can impact the results we see or how much we like a product. That said, I truly believe in the high quality of everything Sakara produces, and I feel confident recommending the Super Powder to anyone who is looking for a multifunctioning wellness product to add to their arsenal. For me, the biggest changes I noticed were in my skin, my appetite and cravings, and the way that my jeans fit.

Even though I don’t think I lost any weight (that wasn’t my goal to start with), I definitely felt like my stomach was much flatter and slower to irritate while drinking the Super Powder each morning. I’m sure this is due to the digestive enzyme…

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