Anti-Black Racism Asian Community: Solidarity is the Only Option


Writer Anna Haines says we need to talk about Tou Thao, the myth of the ‘model minority’ and why Asian Canadians can no longer choose silence

It was too painful to focus on George Floyd’s face pleading for his life as former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for over eight minutes. So I scanned the scene for something else to look at. My eyes landed on Tou Thao, the Hmong American police officer standing with his back turned to the murder scene. As a half-Asian Canadian myself, his emotionless face enraged me. And I’m not the only one—comedian Hasan Minaj, fashion designer Prabal Gurung and chef Dave Chang have all criticized Tou Thao’s role in the crime. Why? Because he symbolizes the passive approach to racism that is often all too common in the Asian American (and Canadian) community.  

Some might assume we…

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