Bachelor Episode 11 Recap: Sharleen Joynt on Season 24


Bach alum Sharleen Joynt shares her insider POV on episode 11 of Pilot Pete’s season

Well, that’s two hours of our lives we won’t get back. I have “bored”s and “boring”s littered over my notes from last night’s episode, and if Madison does return tonight—as the overly revealing previews suggest—it feels like we just watched all that for nothing. Don’t get me wrong: My irritation is unrelated to Peter’s quest. Of course, I wish him and his ladies the best, and the last thing we’d want is for any young woman to get manipulated into (or manipulated out of) an engagement. But last night felt like a sleight of hand, like we tuned into to see some sort of development, yet two hours later we only ended up right back where we started.

Despite my searing boredom, there were a couple of things to happen last night that stood out as…

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