Bachelor Episode 12 Recap: Sharleen Joynt on Season 24 Finale


(Photo: ABC)

Wow. I’m almost (almost!) at a loss for words. Chris Harrison wasn’t lying when he said this season’s ending would be dramatic, shocking, and unexpected. But now that it’s all over, I’m left wishing I even knew what I just watched. I always want to be supportive of our new couple—whomever the actual last woman standing may be—just as I’d love to let whatever it took for that couple to even GET to this point become water under the bridge. But you guys, last night was hella FISHY.

First, before I get to dissecting this finale and the season as a whole, I have to say I feel for both Peter’s mother, Barbara, and for Madison. Frankly, if I were Barbara and had experienced her side of things, I’m not sure I’d like Madison a whole lot either. Even if Peter’s family’s having to wait three hours isn’t Madison’s fault directly…

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