Best Anti Chafing Shorts for Steamy Summer Days


We put these pairs to the test to find out which shorts are best when it comes to protecting your thighs

Now that we’ve reached the peak of summer, we’re finally getting all the sunshine we deserve—and the unyielding heat that comes along with it. That means thigh-chafing is once again an uncomfortable issue for many of us, leading us to stay indoors with the A/C or toss aside our shorts, skirts and dresses in favour of pants just to avoid a rash. Thankfully, there are thigh-saving solutions out there, including a diverse assortment of anti-chafing shorts in different fabrics and sizes. We put these five pairs to the test to help you enjoy the hottest of hot days without any restrictions.


Fusion Shortlette Anti Chafing Slipshort 9″ Length, $33 USD,

“I wore the shortlettes for an entire day while running…

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