Best Black Sandals: The 18 Pairs We Have on Our Wish Lists


Although I occasionally dabble with tan, red, and white, I’d still say that 90% of my shoe collection is made up of black footwear. The reason for this? Versatility. Seldom will I wear an outfit black shoes don’t look good with. I find that when I wear pastel and lighter tones, black sandals give my look the edge I so crave. As for busier ensembles, they act as the perfect neutraliser. And in summer, even with the gorgeous array of colours on standby, I always come back to black shoes. This is particularly handy in 2019, where all of summer’s top sandal trends tend to have this colour in common.

Of course, ’90s strappy sandals have received serious backing from almost every brand going, from Prada to Zara. Similarly, chunky leather sandals with Velcro straps have been given a stylish seal of approval, thanks largely to Chanel, whose sliders have become a regular on…

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