Best Bra and Cardigan Sets at Zara


Lots of our favorite looks only feel right when we can wear them out for everyone to see, but nonetheless, I’ve devoted a small portion of my wardrobe to items I’ve never planned on wearing out of the house. (I think we’re calling them inside clothes.) There’s a distinct pleasure in dressing only to suit the microclimate of your home, where one doesn’t need to think about outerwear, or shoes, or, well, anything too functional. So, if Katie Holmes’s internet-famous bralette-and-cardigan moment never struck you as practical clothing for your regular life, maybe it’s just the thing to perk up your #StayHome look.

Since Katie first debuted the look, the trend has spilled into the market, giving us iterations to test-drive in our own homes. I’ve worn the look with jeans, but will admit that throwing it on as an alternative to my typical loungewear (read: sweatshirt and sweatpants) has…

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