Best Bras for Small Breasts: The Brands You Need to Know


So what are the ideal bra types women with smaller breasts should look for? “Some women likeĀ bralettes, but most girls with a smaller bust will find they have less volume underneath, so a padded bra is a great option,” Dyke notes. “There are some bras where you can even remove the padding in case you don’t want it at your time of the month.”

Her final tip? If you’ve got a small back (e.g., a size 30), Sandra says you can be a little pigeon-chested, meaning that you need a smaller bridge [the front bit). For this kind of shape, a push-up bra is recommended but if you don’t have this issue, then you can go for a classic balconette.

Of course, nothing beats getting a proper bra fitting, although you can also check your own size at home with this bra-size calculator. Right, got that? Now you’re ready to shop the best bras for smaller breasts.

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