Best Home Robe | CDLP Home Robe Review


It’s 2020, and I’m admittedly a ball of stress. That’s why I’m cutting myself some slack this year to splurge on what levels me out, from the odd cookie at Levain to bougie candles and COVID-proof mask pouches. But, this one takes the cake. Maybe the most indulgent piece of clothing I own, the CDLP Burgundy Home Robe ($425) is simply, probably, the best money can buy.

$425 is steep on the face, but consider that you might very well wear it for hours every day for the foreseeable future — I see you, second wave — and, not bad for an undeniably top-quality robe that will last. It helps that the robe itself feels like a big, weighty, very luxurious hug.

A robe is only as good as it’s tailored, and Swedish menswear dynamo CDLP stitched and tailored this one like a suit plucked out of a Bond film. The relaxed fit, the slight sheen, the notched lapel collar, the self-tie belt —…

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