Best Loungewear Sets From Canadian Brands


Shop local and stay cozy!

Remember the days when you used to meticulously plan your outfits, considering things like the weather, where you were going after work, or how your over-the-knee, chunky-sole boots were going to fit into your gym locker? No? Us neither.

The new “normal” when it comes to outfit selection is officially a fine balance of a) something appropriate for meetings with whoever forces you to turn on your camera, and b) whatever is comfortable enough to make you feel slightly better about the state of the world.

The present outcome of that equation is the enduring loungewear set, AKA the matching sweatsuit, another trend that has reemerged from the ’90s and onto the backs of every celebrity from Addison Rae to Megan Thee Stallion. That’s because it expertly combines form and function, particularly when it’s done in an…

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