Best Style Moments From The Lizzie McGuire Movie


Lizzie McGuire is the reason I wore butterfly clips in my hair all through middle school and tie-dye shirts on the regular. When the movie came out in 2003, I couldn’t wait to see what outfits she’d wear and was curious to see if her style evolved as well. Turns out, Hilary Duff, who played the iconic Disney character, found a way to continue being relatable and trendy with her outfits in the movie. (The plot also had me wishing I could go on a school trip with friends to Rome and, of course, be confused with an Italian pop star.)

During the movie, Lizzie continued to showcase her wardrobe of quirky, often-mismatched outfits, but something that changed: they were all a little more refined. She wore everything from a ruffled button-down and low-slung jeans with, of course, matching hair clips. She also showed off one of the 2000s biggest trends: a chainlink heart tag necklace —…

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