Best Weekend Bags and More Items for Your Next Staycation


10/10 would recommend booking a night in hotel a few minutes from home just to feel something!

2020, amiright?! *Sob-laughs maniacally* In March, the thought of a tropical vacation in winter 2020 was something to look forward to (LOL). Now, with the pandemic raging on, we have to look for rest and relaxation a little closer to home. Does that mean I don’t long to wait in a three-hour customs line like the good old days? Would I WEEP at the sight of the Porter flight attendants in their little pillbox hats? Do I want to pay $22 for a mediocre glass of tepid airport wine just to feel something? Most definitely! But you know what? It’s fine. We’re good. We stay the heck home. We wear masks. We wash our hands. We support local businesses. And until we can hop on a plane without worrying, I’m sticking to short, safe weekend trips (with my stash of

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