Best White T-Shirts: Shop 10 Picks From Our Editors


So essential, but so hard to find!

The plain white T-shirt is the most enigmatic clothing item of all time. It’s both the most basic wardrobe classic ever *and* the hardest things to get right. In theory it’s supposed to be a go-to staple that acts as the base for any outfit. IRL, finding one that lives up to this tall order is a nightmare.

Keeping it clean is a huge task, too. Washing with other whites is ideal, but the bare minimum piece of advice is: Never wash your white T-shirt with dark clothes, especially ones that haven’t been washed before. (They’ll have excess dye that will run off and stain your pristine tee.) Using a detergent with a brightening agent, not over stuffing the washing machine, and occasional soaks in oxygen bleach are all key to maintaining that glow.

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