Black Fashion Editor on Brands’ Performative Allyship


People always change when they’re in a relationship. They go from never watching football to being the biggest Cowboys fan ever. Or, never being “big on rap” to knowing all the words to Tupac’s songs. When you confront them, they’re often defensive and clap back with “I was always into that!”, as if they have amnesia. Sure, people change for their significant other, but it’s hard to accept that change as authentic when you’ve known who the person was. This is the same feeling I have about the fashion industry when it comes to its inaction in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak and the country’s reckoning with racism.

As a Black fashion editor, I’ve scrolled past every brand’s Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 email plea. Their “Our commitment”, “A message from our CEO”, or “We stand with the Black community” have all landed in my trash. These blanket statements lacked emotion and…

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