Black Radiance Beauty Canada: Makeup Brand Is Now at Rexall


This beloved, affordable L.A.-based makeup and skincare brand caters to the unique beauty of people of colour

Remember when you had to drive Stateside to get your hands on low-rise jeans and Marissa Cooper-inspired polo shirts from brands like Hollister and Abercrombie? Or maybe you were the type to dangle the threat of a breakup in front of your college boyfriend if he didn’t return from his family vacay in Sarasota with a case of Vanilla Coke. No, just me? Well, EITHER WAY there’s no worse feeling than finding your new favourite brand abroad only to return home and realize it does not ship to Canada. THE. SHADE.

And, mentally that’s where I’ve been for the past several years, anxiously awaiting the Canadian border to open to many, many beloved brands, but most specifically: Black Radiance Beauty. But FINALLY, like an early Christmas miracle,…

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