Brandon Flynn on Personal Style, Pride, and What’s Next


As you know, we’re a fashion publication, so we have to dive a little into your relationship with style and clothing. Would you say personal style is important to you? 

Honestly, I was never aware of it until I started working. But that being said, as a kid, now looking back and seeing how I used clothes to fit in or to fit out, separate myself or present myself, I remember in high school I very clearly made the decision to start wearing button-up long-sleeve shirts rolled up at the sleeves to show off my tattoos and wear jeans and boots to look professional. That is where I utilize clothes, which, I mean, same thing with acting. How do we inform with clothing and style?

I get so stressed out by options. My closet is a lot of black and white T-shirts and jeans. I like certain brands, and I like certain fits. 

So is being on set overwhelming to you when it comes to clothes?…

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