Cameron and Lauren Love Is Blind: They Need Their Own Show


We’re obsessed and Netflix needs to deliver

Ever since Love Is Blind premiered on February 13, social media has been in a frenzy over the dating show. For the uninitiated, the Netflix series hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey follows thirty men and women looking for love. But there’s a twist: The singles have to endure ten days of speed dating in tiny rooms called “pods” where they try to make connections with one another. Did we mention they can’t see each other? That’s right, the contestants are in their own individual pods, completely isolated from their prospective lovers. After a few days of chatting through a wall, when they have found “the one,” the men propose to the women they’ve connected—yes, the show features only hetero couples—with the most and only then does the couple get to meet in person. Yes, it is wild.

During the show’s first few episodes, we were introduced to six engaged couples, but it was Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton who stole our hearts from their very first interaction.

Lauren, a content creator, and Cameron, a scientist, were the first couple to get engaged on the show just a few days in. During the dating process, it was clear that these two connected on many levels, including sharing strong family values and an emotional bond that made the other couple’s interactions pale in comparison.We just couldn’t get enough of their cuteness, despite the fact that they got engaged after speaking through a wall for less than a week. Against all odds, the moment Cameron and Lauren first said “I love you” was a tear-jerker sure to make anyone believe in love at first sight—or in this case, love at first conversation.

Fact: We need to see more of this couple’s adventures now that their season of Love Is Blind is over. And as it turns out, fans of the show are calling for a Lauren and Cameron spin-off as well.

Here’s why Cameron and Lauren deserve their own Love Is Blind spin-off ASAP:

Cameron isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve—and that’s refreshing

Don’t you wish you had a Cameron to support you? Unwilling to hold back on his emotions, Cameron stayed true to himself and his commitment to Lauren from the pods all the way to the altar. One of Cameron’s sweetest moments was how emotional he got during his proposal (*heart breaks*), followed closely by how he was bursting with excitement the first time he met his fiancé IRL. And let’s be serious: Although Cameron embodies a calm vibe and talks with a soothing voice, he brings the heat with his looks and his charm. Cameron makes rooting for him and Lauren so easy.

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We’re in love with Lauren’s parents (TBH, we’d watch their spin-off, too)

From the very first time Lauren mentioned her conservative father in the pods, Cameron was understandably nervous about meeting him (relatable). And having never dated a white man before only added to Lauren’s anxiety over introducing her parents to the man she was planning to marry after just weeks of knowing (also relatable). Turns out, both parents were total sweethearts. Before we actually met Lauren’s dad, her mom Pam graced our screens during the “Meet The Parents” episode and was an actual gem; Cameron even rapped a quick freestyle for the mother of the bride and she had a kind, warm reaction. While that interaction went off without a hitch, Lauren’s dad was decidedly more hesitant to embrace his future son-in-law, hammering the couple with tough questions. But despite his stern persona, Lauren’s dad warmed to Cameron and couldn’t hide his emotions on their wedding day, wiping tears away from under his adorable tortoiseshell glasses. (Also: his bowtie!) Both of Lauren’s now-divorced parents were cute as heck and we’d love to see them patch up their own relationship. What can we say? We’re romantics.

Lauren has the best hairstyles, period

Who else could wear a bonnet on television and still look fly? Throughout the show, Lauren rocked the best hairdos, switching it up in almost every scene and framing her stunning face with those perfectly laid baby hairs. Whether it was her signature curly bob, cute top knot, braided ponytail or the perfect side-swept beach waves on her wedding day, her beauty looks never disappointed. Just a quick look on Lauren’s Instagram reveals why she ruled the Love Is Blind series with her versatile looks.

We need to see more of Lauren and Cameron’s romantic outings

Lauren and Cameron’s Love Is Blind dates, from hiking and taking a helicopter ride in Mexico to spending the night in a picture-perfect tree house, were goals. Now that their living their lives IRL and seemingly more in love than ever, can you imagine what their date nights are like now? We would love to see it.

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So, how is life after marriage for these sweeties? The finale came and went, but Cameron and Lauren’s wedding left us wanting more. It would be a crime to deprive us of their love post-show, right? After watching the Love Is Blind reunion on March 5, we got some of the answers but we want to see all the plans they have with one another to come to fruition.

It’s not very often that a couple from reality television steals our hearts, but Lauren and Cameron have made it impossible not to stan. If Netflix doesn’t give fans what they want, Lauren and Cameron have plans on launching a YouTube channel together and we’re ready to subscribe.

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