Can You Make Your Hair Grow Faster? The Real Facts


The siren call to grow out one’s hair can strike at any time. And in these particularly quiet days the sound can be deafening. Perhaps, you’ve fallen down an IG rabbit hole tethered to the Rapuzel-esque strands of celebs like Ciara and Madelaine Petsch? Or maybe, possibly, you’ve given yourself too-short bangs. (Note to self: read this first next time.) Either way, once the idea takes root it feels like time, and the hair that grows with it, slows to a ridiculous pace.

You see, no one ever wants to grow their hair out. We just want longer hair. And we want it now, please. The good news is there are some things you can and should do to get the ball rolling. Then there are some things that, frankly, ain’t going to happen. To separate fact from fiction, we’ve tapped into advice from experts to bust common myths about how to grow hair faster. You know how…

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